• Will the employer be informed by DHA/DOH when they receive a notification on a confirmed case?

    Preventive Medicine Section (PMS), as per the regulator circular will be the responsible body for such notifications.
  • Can COVID-19 consultations and tests be conducted on-site?

    These services are currently available only at DHA facilities and authorized providers.

  • Is there any open access to out-of-network providers for suspected/ confirmed cases?

    Access to out of network provider shall be reviewed as per policy terms and conditions - if the member meets the defined criteria for CoVID-19 set by the regulator.
  • Will my elective surgeries be covered?

    Effective 18th March 2020, all elective and non-urgent surgeries shall be postponed until review on the 31st March 2020, subject to extension if required. The purpose of this action is to protect the citizens and residents of the Emirate of Dubai by ensuring adequate resources such as the availability of the hospital beds and qualified healthcare professionals to provide appropriate care. Please refer to the uploaded document - PD 05/2020.
  • Do medical providers need to request for prior authorization from the insurer for carrying out a COVID-19 testing or will it be immediately carried out without prior authorization as long as it was ordered/recommended by the doctor?

    Preauthorization will not be required in this case. If the insured meets the defined criteria, all healthcare facilities will follow the guidelines as provided by the regulator - Reference: CIR-2020-00000077.

  • How can I have medicine delivered at home?

    If you have a prescription or a valid E-Rx, kindly contact the listed pharmacies - Life Pharmacy, IBN Sina Pharmacy, Marina Pharmacy and Aster Pharmacy to arrange for a home delivery. 
  • How long will the observation or testing period normally last and will it be considered Outpatient or Inpatient?

    The testing and observation period is 48 hours.  The member should visit the health facility immediately (preferably a hospital). The test is being performed on Outpatient basis at all DHA facilities.
  • Will you have telehealth services to support patients that have questions or queries or would like to get more information on COVID-19?

    For information on COVID-19, we recommend that you visit the DHA website that is continuously being updated ( or For policy holders who have telehealth as an included benefit will have access to the services as agreed.
  • Under what circumstances will the test be covered by my insurance plan (e.g. mandatory for airlines, suspected case, return from infected country etc.)? Moreover, depending on the test results, what exactly will be covered under my insurance and how?

    The costs related to the services would be covered if you (the insured) meet the defined criteria by the regulator as a Patient present with upper or lower respiratory symptoms “With or Without Fever” AND any of the following: 

    • A history of travel to China in the 14 days prior to symptoms onset.
    • Has cared for/come into contact with an individual or animal known or strongly suspected to have 2019-nCoV within 14 days OR a patient with Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (SARI) with no other lab result that explains illness.

    The uploaded COVID19 Flow Chart defines the regulated protocols to be followed.

    If the criteria are not met and its related to screening only, the services rendered will be reviewed as per policy terms and conditions.

  • Will OIC cancel or refuse to renew my insurance policy if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 or a preexisting respiratory illness?

    Insurance renewal is subject to the policy terms and conditions and not based on specific illnesses.

  • Is there a number to call if I have questions or need help with my health insurance?

    Our helpline numbers are: Medical Approvals 800 6626 (24x7) and General queries 800 4746 (Sun to Thu 8AM - 8PM, Sat 8AM - 4PM).
  • Where can I find authentic and latest information on how COVID-19 is spreading?

  • What is the procedure for reporting individuals that were in close contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient?

  • I am on an international health insurance plan with Oman Insurance & Bupa Global. Who can I speak to?

    If you have any questions, you can email us on In an emergency, you can call the 24/7 Customer Service Team on 800 0444 0492 (from inside the UAE) or +44 (0)1273 323 563 (from outside the UAE).

  • Which designated and authorized healthcare providers can I go to in order to get myself tested for COVID-19 in the UAE?

    All Dubai Health Authority (DHA) licensed health facilities [ Pages/Healthcenterlist.aspx] and Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi.
  • If I chose to travel, am I covered for emergencies as a result of Coronavirus?

    Coverage of epidemic/pandemics is a policy exclusion. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared novel Corona virus as an Epidemic. Further UAE Government and the UAE major airlines have issued travel advisories to avoid  travels until further notice.

  • Am I entitled to cancel my Travel policy? Can the premium be refunded?

    Travel policies are non-refundable as per policy terms and conditions. However exceptionally during these circumstances, Oman Insurance will allow cancellations of the policies with full refund as long as the trip has not yet commenced.
  • If I chose to travel, am I covered for trip cancellation/Curtailment and Missed departure/Connection benefits due to Coronavirus?

    No. Please refer to our response in question ‘If I chose to travel, am I covered for emergencies as a result of Coronavirus?

  • If I chose not to cancel my policy, can I postpone the departure date? What is the maximum allowed period?

    Since the exact departure dates cannot be defined within these circumstances, we prefer that you cancel the policy and have full refund, rather than postponing the departure date that might not be the final.

    Therefore, postponing your trip will not be possible, yet cancelling your policy and having your premium back is allowed.

  • Is coronavirus excluded for death and disability benefits?

    Coronavirus is not excluded for death and disability benefits under Group & Credit Life policies.
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