Invest Protect

Invest Protect is a unique single premium insurance plan designed by Oman Insurance Company, in collaboration with Commerzbank AG and BlackRock Investment Managers.

The plan gives you the opportunity to have exposure to a customized global model portfolio while providing downside protection.

More Information

Invest Protect was designed with the clear objective of accumulating wealth and minimizing risk. The key benefits of the product are as follow:

Downside Protection

Through collaboration with Commerzbank AG, Invest Protect assures that your unit price of the underlying investment will be at least 80% of its highest historical value. Moreover, the level of protection has the potential to increase as the underlying investment performance improves from time to time. On a daily basis 80% of the highest historical unit price within your policy term will be locked-in as the protected level.

Model Portfolio

Managing portfolio risk is one of the biggest challenges investors face. Invest Protect offers you the simplicity to have exposure to a professionally managed model portfolio instead of having to choose from a list of hundreds of funds. The underlying model portfolio is composed of global ETFs diversified across various sectors and asset classes to minimize fund management charges and volatility.

Great Earnings Potential

The model portfolio is managed by BlackRock, giving you the assurance that your investment is looked after by one of the best asset managers in the world. This will provide you with diversification benefits and the potential for a better risk adjusted return than a pure equity or fixed income based investment.

Lower Costs

Equity ETFs generally incur lower trading costs and management charges than equivalent active equity mutual funds. These savings are passed as higher returns to our customers.

Life Insurance Protection

An exclusive life insurance cover equivalent to 101% of the account value is offered.

Higher Allocation for Higher Investment

The percentage of single premium that is allocated to your account value increases with the amount invested.

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