Life Protect

Life Protect is a comprehensive whole of life unit linked insurance policy which addressed long term protection as well as saving objectives. With combined benefits of life insurance and investment feature, the plan can provide you the confidence that your family will be finally protected when you are not around. The product can be adapted to your changing needs and be beneficial in the long term.

Key Benefits

  • Long coverage period, up to 95 years of age
  • Flexibility to change your level of life insurance and premium
  • Portable as you can continue he policy from anywhere in the world
  • Wide range of global investment options
  • Attractive loyalty bonus
  • Wide range of additional benefits providing either a lump sum or regular proceeds
  • Worldwide cover as you travel the world
  • Aside from regular premium, limited premium payment terms are available where you pay for a defined period and enjoy coverage for the whole of your life. This is subject to underwriting evaluation.

Next Steps

How to purchase?

To receive more information about the product, please contact us on one of the telephone numbers below:

Call Center:
Dubai Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 4 230 2801
Sharjah Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 6 593 4150
Abu Dhabi Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 2 612 8421
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