Life plus

Our Stand Alone Critical illness product covers 40 major illness. Falling ill and losing one’s financial security is a frightening thought for anyone. The Lifeplus plan gives you the much needed peace of mind and coverage to protect your family, your lifestyle and help you recover from a serious illness or condition.

More Information

Key Benefits

  • Single Payment Plan: Coverage for 5 years
  • Regular Payment Plan: Coverage up to age 65

Coverage and Exclusions

  • There is a waiting period of 90 days
  • Survival Period: Disease Specific


Minimum SA Allowed:

  • Regular pay: USD 25,000 or AED 91,875
  • Single Pay: USD 50,000 or AED 183,750

Maximum SA Allowed:

  • USD 250,000 or AED 918,750 for all variants

Terms and Conditions

Premium rates are age banded and guaranteed for 5 years only.

Next Steps

How to purchase?

To receive more information about the product, please contact us on one of the telephone numbers below:

Call Center:
Dubai Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 4 230 2801
Sharjah Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 6 593 4150
Abu Dhabi Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 2 612 8421
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