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Oman Insurance Academy

This academy is the first of its kind in this region and is housed with the state of the art technology designed to facilitate learning and development needs of OIC’s integrated products and services, total quality management and customer centricity. The building blocks of the academy are in absolute sync and geared to facilitate the actualization of the organization’s Forward 2018 Strategic Pillars and Values.

Starting from the familiarization of OIC, the Academy is equipped to provide training across the diversified functional activities including soft skills and insurance based trainings that will include and not limited to the development of standard presentations, video development, eLearning content and enhancing the existing presentations and approaches to continuous learnings.

With a state of the art configurable facilities, infrastructure & a capacity to conduct training in the adult learning principle model or “andragogy”, effective learning is a surety.

Participant involvement
The participants in our various programs are enabled to be involved on the planning of their learning. The academy is equipped with an internal pre-published training calendar covering compulsory & elective programs

Basis on past experience
Participants in our programs are able to use their past experience (and mistakes) to enhance the learning atmosphere. The technology provided facilitates brainstorming sessions and programs based on case study. The inter-connectivity of smaller work areas within the academy allows team based activities and projects that will support to build bridges and generate synergies in participants from various departments.

The Oman Insurance Academy is supported by qualified panel of Subject Matter Experts and trainers who will share the knowledge and experience including practical market exposure, current trends and valuable insights.

Professional and personal impact
Our Subject Matter Experts are creating concerted effort between departments and strengthen teamwork, and have the ability to act as coaches to the participants in their respected fields.

The Academy boasts of training & supporting in certification of 100+ individuals on insurance Award from CII (UK). A feat that few can match in this competitive insurance market.

Problem centered approach
The Academy has in place a dedicated and unified knowledge sharing platform, which allows seamless collaboration and engagement within departments, stimulating knowledge sharing, capitalization and collective learning.

The Academy supports running of test and assessment centers for the use of recruitment, promotion and career progression. This includes conducting psychometric assessments like CTPI-R, Emotional Quotient, Sales Profiling, Customer Service, the commonly used Microsoft Applications and etc

We are inviting partners, intermediaries & employees alike in order to increase the level of readiness geared to the industry.

You may contact the Academy representatives in order to apply or query about specific sessions.

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Operating Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm, Sunday to Thursday (Excluding Public holidays)