OIC Protect

A Level term plan where the Sum Assured remains constant through out the duration of the policy. Its a pure risk cover plan that is truly an economical means of providing the family with a high level of financial protection.

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Key Benefits

  • An insurance plan that offers a high cover at low premiums.
  • In case of death during the policy term, the full sum insured is paid.
  • Different premium payment options available.

Coverage and Exclusions

  • Covers the risk of death due to any cause.
  • Provides round the clock protection worldwide.
  • Passive war risk is excluded.
  • Suicide during first 2 years is excluded.

Terms and Conditions

The following policy terms are available:

  • Regular Premium Term - 1 year to 40 years
  • 3 Year Limited Pay Term - Premiums are payable for 3 years
  • 5 Year Limited Pay Term - Premiums are payable for 5 years
  • Limited Premium Payment Term - The individual has the option to select the Limited Premium Payment Term. This policy can provide coverage for a longer duration of upto 40 years (depending on the age of the Individual)

For cover above AED 2 million, please contact us at any of the below numbers.

Next Steps

How to purchase?

Please contact us on one of the telephone numbers below:

Call Center:
Dubai Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 4 230 2801
Sharjah Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 6 593 4150
Abu Dhabi Life Sales Unit:
+ 971 2 612 8421
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