Anticipated Endowment

This plan offers the benefit of protection and savings at the same time with periodical payouts at the end of 1/3rd of the policy term. The individual is also eligible for Reversionary and Terminal Bonus. The product provides the option of Extended Term Assurance. In case the policy holder is unable to pay premium after completion of three (3) consecutive years, the policy will be kept in force for an additional period based on the available cash value.

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Key Benefits


  • At the end of 1/3 of policy term: 25% of the Sum Assured
  • At the end of 2/3 of policy term: 25% of the Sum Assured
  • At Maturity of the policy: 50% of the Sum Assured plus applicable bonus
  • On Death: Full SA plus accrued Bonus is paid irrespective periodical payments paid at the above mentioned intervals

Coverage and Exclusions

  • Covers death due to any cause.
  • Provides round the clock protection worldwide on or off the job as per the plan, riders and term selected.
  • Passive war risk is excluded.
  • Suicide during first two years is excluded.

Terms and Conditions

Terms Offered: 12 Years, 15 Years, 18 Years and 21 Years

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