Lifeline: international health coverage options

Lifeline coverage

Plan designed and internationally administered by Bupa Global

Only for residents of Northern Emirates

Lifeline has three levels of cover to choose from: Essential, Classic and Gold. The table below highlights some of the differences in cover offered by these different levels.


Out-patient treatment Lifeline Essential Lifeline Classic Lifeline Gold
Out-patient surgical operations
Wellness — mammogram, PAP test, prostate cancer screening or colon cancer screening (after one year’s membership)
Physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractor treatment
Costs for treatment by therapists and complementary medicine practitioners
Consultants’ fees and psychologists’ fees for psychiatric treatment (after two years’ membership)
Pathology, X-rays and diagnostic tests
Consultants’ fees for consultations
Costs for treatment by a family doctor
Prescribed drugs and dressings
Accident-related dental treatment

In-patient and day-case treatment Lifeline Essential Lifeline Classic Lifeline Gold
Hospital accommodation
Surgical operations, including pre- and post-operative care
Nursing care, drugs and surgical dressings
Physicians’ fees
Theatre charges
Intensive Care
Pathology, X-rays, diagnostic tests and therapies
Prosthetic implants and appliances
Parent accommodation
Psychiatric treatment
(after two years’ membership, lifetime maximum 90 days)

Further benefits Lifeline Essential Lifeline Classic Lifeline Gold
Advanced imaging
Cancer treatment
Healthline services
HIV/AIDS drug therapy including ART (after five years’ membership)
Home nursing after in-patient treatment
Hospice and palliative care
In-patient cash benefit
Local air ambulance
Local road ambulance
Maternity cover (after 10 months’ membership)
Newborn care
Prosthetic devices
Transplant services

Optional benefits (if purchased) Lifeline Essential Lifeline Classic Lifeline Gold
USA cover
Assistance cover (Evacuation and Repatriation)

Please note: This table provides a high-level summary only about the types of cover provided on the different plan levels. Benefits limits and exclusions may also apply.


For full details of the rules, benefits, moratoriums and exclusions, including any limits of the Lifeline plan, please download the membership guide using the links below:

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